Wamly Wins Innovation City Tech Startup of the Year 2023

HRTech company Wamly, South Africa’s largest one-way video interview platform, has won the prestigious Innovation City Tech Startup of the Year award. The brainchild of industrial psychologist and talent expert Francois de Wet, Wamly was started as a side hustle in 2018 to address the frustration that high-profile corporates and CEOs felt with the recruitment process.

In 2020, entrepreneur and Shark Tank SA investor Marnus Broodryk saw the potential of Wamly’s video interview software and joined Francois on the Wamly journey.

With the latest technology, they challenged the very foundations of how the world has always done recruitment and helped companies worldwide to hire better people faster.

Wamly’s one-way video interview platform, designed to work on over 200 devices across the country, gained significant traction during the COVID-19 crisis, providing an innovative solution for companies and job seekers alike. The platform helps save time and create efficiency in the hiring process, providing recruiters with a better understanding of candidates, reducing time to hire, and increasing diversity and inclusivity in the hiring process.

Winning the Tech Startup of the Year award is a significant achievement for Wamly, recognizing the company’s commitment to innovation and its ability to provide real solutions to real-world problems. The award also brings significant benefits to Wamly, including a year’s membership to Innovation City, R25,000 flight vouchers from Airlink, a media studio package, Veldskoen Shoes and a bottle of Six Dogs Distillery Gin!

With Francois and Marnus at the helm, Wamly is set to continue launching new features and providing the best one-way video interview platform, revolutionizing the recruitment process and providing a solution that benefits both employers and job seekers.

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