Innovation Membership

Do you want to be part of Cape Town’s most innovative community but do not need office space? This membership gives individuals access to members only events; networking and matchmaking opportunities, great content and so much more. You will have the opportunity to present your company, team, and ideas to the fastest growing companies and the most actionable change makers. On top of that, you can work from Innovation City, two days a month at no cost.

Corporate Membership

This membership is specifically for companies wanting to immerce themselves in all that the Innovation City Ecosystem has to offer including workspace seating allocated to your business.  This is ideal for larger companies that are looking for an innovative work environment outside of their main corporate headquarters: a Cape Town office location for businesses based in other cities; and for smaller teams who want to make this state of the art office their own . This gives employers and employees a place to work, meet, and learn new innovations and opportunities in the center of Cape Town.

Get access to all Innovation City master classes, summits and networking happenings. Host your own knowledge driven event to introduce your company to the Innovation City community and we can help you organise your own event for your own partners and clients. 

Your membership gives you day passes to your team to work in a new environment, meeting room access, board room and training room options. It also includes an Innovation City delivery address, ‘Future Innovators Kids Club, gym and other partner access and services. Tea, coffee, and restaurant access.

Celine Haarhoff

Chief Marketing Officer at BioCertica and Innovation City Member

  “BioCertica recently became a member of Innovation City Cape Town, a vibrant and co-creative working space. BioCertica is the first African-based genetics company to build and develop bespoke genetic pipelines to display your DNA test results on a personalized and built-for-purpose mobile app. Innovation City Cape Town is the perfect community within South Africa to ignite and shake up innovative thinking. While pioneers in digitization and transformative innovation, they provide a platform for South African tech entrepreneurial ventures to collaborate and partner to establish global business merit.”

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