Wamly: Revolutionizing the Hiring Landscape Through Video Interview Software

In the world of recruitment, finding the right talent quickly and efficiently is crucial for businesses. However, traditional hiring processes can be time-consuming and costly. Enter Wamly, winner of this year’s Tech Startup of the Year Award. We had a sit down with Francois de Wet, Co-Founder and CEO of Wamly, to discuss the company’s journey, its impact on the industry, and their plans for the future.

A Visionary Leader with a Passion for Talent

Francois de Wet, a registered Industrial Psychologist, is a driving force behind Wamly’s success. With a deep understanding of the recruitment landscape and a passion for leveraging technology, Francois has revolutionized the way companies identify and engage top talent. His expertise and dynamic leadership have made him a respected thought leader in the tech startup community.

Transforming the Hiring Landscape

Wamly is more than just a technology provider. The company consists of a dedicated team of talent and hiring experts who are on a mission to change the hiring landscape in South Africa. By providing clients with invaluable insights into their talent, Wamly helps businesses get to know the real person behind the CV. With an average time to fill a vacancy of 52 days and an average cost of R57,000 in South Africa, Wamly’s innovative platform aims to drastically reduce these figures.

Tech Startup of the Year: A Game-Changing Recognition

Wamly’s groundbreaking work has not gone unnoticed. In 2023, the company was honored with the prestigious title of Innovation City’s Tech Startup of the Year. This achievement has brought overwhelming feedback and increased recognition for Wamly. As a result, they have experienced a surge in meetings and new clients signing on, eager to associate themselves with the brand. The celebration within the LinkedIn community has been particularly gratifying for Francois, as Wamly’s success is ultimately driven by the value they provide to their users.

From Side Hustle to International Success

Francois founded Wamly in 2018 with the vision of building a scalable SaaS company that could reach businesses worldwide. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Wamly has experienced remarkable growth and support from companies in South Africa and beyond. Currently, the platform is being used in 23 countries, facilitating thousands of interviews daily. Wamly’s future plans include international expansion, adding more features, and fostering meaningful relationships within the HR community.

Streamlining the Hiring Process: How Wamly Works

Wamly’s one-way video interview software simplifies and accelerates the hiring process. Francois aptly described the experience by comparing it to a traditional in-person interview. During the first few minutes of an interview, you typically gauge whether a candidate is the right fit or not. With Wamly, their technology facilitates the interview on behalf of the employer. Candidates record their answers to the provided questions, and the hiring panel can then review, comment, and score the responses at their convenience. This process saves an impressive 70% of the time typically spent on interviewing and hiring.

Overcoming Challenges and Finding Allies

As a startup in South Africa, Wamly has faced its fair share of challenges. One of the main hurdles has been reaching the HR executives and recruitment managers—the key stakeholders. However, once Francois has the opportunity to engage with them, the conversion rate is remarkable. Additionally, educating the hiring landscape and HR community about the benefits of video interview software has been a crucial part of Wamly’s journey. Through a combination of effective marketing, the support of co-founder Marnus Broodryk, and the backing of investors like Knife Capital, Wamly has been able to navigate these challenges and establish a strong presence in the market.

Looking Ahead: International Expansion and Growth

Wamly’s future holds exciting prospects. Francois shared his plans for international expansion, aiming to reach more countries and tap into new markets. The company also intends to add more features to their platform, continuously enhancing the user experience and providing even greater value to their clients. Furthermore, Wamly is dedicated to fostering relationships within the HR community, building a network of professionals who share their vision of transforming the hiring process.

Doing Business in South Africa: A Massive Audience in Need

When asked about his perspective on doing business in South Africa, Francois expressed his love for it. He highlighted the massive audience that still requires Wamly’s solution. Despite the challenges faced in reaching them, he remains enthusiastic about the opportunity to provide value and make a significant impact in the local market.

Francois emphasized his desire to connect with corporates hiring more than 10 people a year, particularly HR managers, recruitment managers, and HR executives. He also expressed an interest in engaging with individuals in the SaaS tech space who have experience with international expansion and could offer valuable insights.

Francois’ journey as the founder and CEO of Wamly showcases the power of innovation and technology in transforming traditional industries. With his passion for talent and expertise in one-way video interview software, he has positioned Wamly as a trailblazer in the recruitment industry. As they continue to expand their reach and enhance their platform, Wamly is poised to revolutionize the way businesses hire talent, saving time and resources while enabling them to make better-informed decisions.

Through their dedication to providing invaluable insights into talent, Wamly is changing the face of recruitment in South Africa and beyond. With Francois at the helm, this visionary leader is spearheading a movement towards a more efficient, effective, and inclusive hiring landscape.

Find out more about Wamly here.