Flexclub: Revolutionising Mobility Access in South Africa

In this edition of Tech Tuesdays and Other Tales, we shine a spotlight on our new member company FlexClub, a game-changer in the realm of mobility solutions in South Africa. Led by Idan Jaan , Co-Founder & COO, Flexclub is pioneering the concept of car subscriptions with unparalleled convenience and flexibility.

Who is Flexclub and why are you sorely needed in this world?

FlexClub is the leading provider of car subscriptions in South Africa. Our platform offers the most flexible subscription options for consumers, allowing you to secure the car of your choice in just 3 clicks. Currently, there are 2 million vehicle finance applications submitted every month, yet only around 48,000 vehicles are actually sold. This creates a significant gap between those seeking access to cars and those who are able to obtain them. Our mission is to democratise access to mobility in South Africa

Give us an example of how Flexclub works

A customer can go on our website and apply for a car. All the cars that are listed include insurance and maintenance. We have over 40,000 cars in our inventory and our contracts are month to month. You can cancel at any time, upgrade or downgrade whenever you want or even pause the contract. Once a customer applies online, we can secure the vehicle for him/her within 6 hours.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced as a startup?

Raising capital, finding the right team, acquiring customers, retaining customers, finding the right distribution channels, managing burn, etc!

What’s on your business growth wish list?

Strategic partnerships whereby we can provide mobility solutions to their base and in turn, create ancillary revenue for the partner.

What is your take on doing business in South Africa?

This is my second venture and I am still in the belief that South Africa has a ton of opportunity. I am super bullish on South Africa and think that there are many problems that are yet to be solved by start-ups.

Do you have any latest and exciting company NEWS to share?

We only launched in Feb. Will be keeping you in loop for exciting news in the near future.

Contact Flexclub at [email protected]